Young Living December 16 Promos

Young Living has free products with purchases of a certain amount each month. They do this, generally in 3 tiers, with you earning more product as spend more in product. These in the past have generally started at 190PV. In the last several months they have also added an extra bonus on top of these bonuses just for Essential Rewards (ER) members. It already was a sweet deal, I mean I LOVE free oils! Young Living has recently made it even better.


If you are on essential rewards, the starting threshold to earn free product last month and this month is only 100PV! This is so exciting for two reasons. 1: you need to be on 100pv each month to earn all the bonuses possible on your commission check, so it is just good to get into the habit of spending that much on products you already know you love and will use. 2: as we approach Christmas and this gift-giving season, sometimes we have to trim a bit off our Young Living budget. I mean, not that I want to. I would be on board for a way bigger Young Living budget!


Check out the awesome products offered for December 2016:
Tea Tree: good for skin care and cleansing (even cloth diapered bums, diluted of course)
Orange Vitality: contains limonene and tastes great in water or in many dishes (my daughter’s favorite)
Nutmeg:a warm, spicy aroma that is energizing and uplifting (I do need the occasional perk, don’t you?)
NingXia Nitro: supports cognitive alertness and fitness (AMAZING stuff. I used lots when I worked 16 hour shifts. I need it for looooooong days with the kids too. You know what I am saying!)
Excite: A BRAND NEW oil featuring Ocotea, Nutmeg and more (How exciting! I need Excite in my life, I mean who doesn’t want excitement?!)
Abundance: features oils used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace (I love this stuff! At one point I had 3 open bottles!)


Awesome stuff, right?! I want it all, I know you do too! So you are probably asking how much is required to earn these items. Well, I am getting there!

100pv on Essential Rewards earns you free Tea Tree (5ml)

190pv earns free Orange Vitality (5ml) ER members also get Nutmeg (5ml) and Tea Tree (5Ml)

NingXia Nitro, Young Living. December promos
250pv earns NingXia Nitro (14 count), Orange Vitality, plus the ER bonus of Nutmeg and Tea Tree

300pv earns Excite (5ml), Abundance (15ml), NingXia Nitro, Orange Vitality, plus the ER bonus of Nutmeg and Tea Tree

abundance, Young Living December promos

You guys, I am so stinking excited about this promotion! This momma needs energizing, excitment, and abundance. What momma doesn’t want to take care of her skin? Get in on this, guys! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

P.S. If you are not already a wholesale member in my group contact me so we can get you the best deals and maximize your oils budget.

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I have been thinking about fun lately. Mainly, I recognize my need to stop being so darn serious all the time and start having some fun.

fun, oola fun

I have always hated the question “What do you do for fun?” I stopped having “fun” at a young age. Recently my husband told me that I needed to have more fun, which is what started me thinking deeply about this. I remember as a young(ish) girl a friend that I used to play with while at my grandma’s house. I would call as soon as my grandma said that it was no longer too early in the morning, she would come over and we would play all day long. Barbie’s, dress up, school, riding bikes, you name it. My grandma also had a pool table and all the balls. We weren’t allowed to touch the ques so we would make up games to play with the balls. She had a pool, so we would swim and make up games in the pool each day. All summer long for so very many years, we would play all day long.

I remember one year though that I called as usual. She said she couldn’t come over because she had to clean her room. This went on day after day after day. I am not one that catches on easily when it comes to people. I am ridiculously naive and believe the best in people and take them at their word unless they prove to be unworthy of my trust. Even then, I foolishly give so many wrong people more chances than they deserve. I didn’t understand, so I kept calling and asking my grandma each day why it was taking so incredibly long for her to “clean her room.” Finally one day my grandma sat me down and told me that the room cleaning was just a story she made up. My grandma told me that this friend was older and didn’t want to play anymore, that she was more mature than playing with me. I was probably 10 at the time.

fun, oola fun, serious

In the way that children can easily do, I interpreted this in an inaccurate way. I remember telling myself that mature people don’t have fun. I wanted to be mature, so I decided that I couldn’t have fun. I remember other kids asking me to play and I would make excuses for why I couldn’t or wouldn’t. Sure I have had some fun moments here and there since that moment, but for the most part, I tend to take myself and life far too seriously to actually relax and have fun.

This is why I have always hated that question. It has confused me to much over the years. I mean adults aren’t supposed to have fun, are they? Many of the people I spent the most time with as a child appeared in my child-like mind seemed unhappy and so involved in the daily grind of life that there was no room for fun. I don’t remember seeing adults have fun.


So when people ask me what I do for fun, I have no answer, really. There are things I enjoy, but would I consider them fun? I don’t know.

Then the husband tells me that I need to have more fun. Yes, it appears that I really do! My son is constantly asking me to play with him. Yes, we need some fun! I think I am rubbing off on my 8-year-old. We both need more fun! My baby and I laugh and giggle together pretty often, but even with her I have to say that I need to learn to relax and have more fun.

oola, oola balance

Young Living introduced its members to Oola, which is all about life balance. Balance comes when looking at the 7 F’s: Faith, Family, Friends, Field, Finance, Fitness, and Fun. I had long ignored that last one because adults need to focus on the others first, right? I am beginning to realize that I am wrong there. I absolutely need more fun in my life in order to have the desire to improve the rest. So Oola Fun will be on my next Young Living order as I learn to have more fun.

Here’s to Fun!

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

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