Taking Care of Me


Recently I have decided I need to take care of me. Have you ever been there? Have you been to a place of realizing that your own health and well-being are equally as important as that of others in your life? Well, that is where I am. As moms we tend to focus so much on everyone else, that we neglect our own needs and desires.


I came to this point because I am tired of life as it is right now. I am tired of feeling drained, exhausted all the time. I can’t even enjoy time at home because I am either too tired to function, or I am grumpy because of how drained I am. This is not the kind of mom I want to be. I don’t want this version of myself to be what my babies remember when they are raising their own babies.

That brings me to another point, how will I teach my kids that they are worth taking care of, if I don’t model it in myself…

Abundance costume

I have also gained a considerable amount of weight. Well, I despise what I see in the mirror really. Last summer I wasn’t concerned about weight because I was breastfeeding, but now? Well, I hope he will ween eventually, and I really would like to feel attractive again. Thankfully, I have a husband who tells me I look good anyway.

I have come up with a plan to take care of myself. This will improve both the way I feel, and will improve what I see in the mirror as I take care of my health. That is the key, I am working for health, not just a goal of a certain size.


My current plan is to drink NingXia Red daily. I plan to do 6 oz a day: 2 oz each at 8am, 10am, and 2pm. NingXia Red supports normal immune response and antioxidant levels. It supports overall wellness, and I feel it provides a (much-needed in my case) surge of energy. I also feel like I make better snacking and beverage decisions when I drink it!


I also intend to alternate between drinking Balance Complete, Pure Protein Complete, and Power Meal daily. Each as awesome ingredients that promote wellbeing. I like this in the morning with my NingXia Red, just mainly so that I don’t forget it. Plus, when I start my day off making good decisions, I tend to make better decisions the rest of the day than when I don’t.


I have been taking Inner Defense daily, and recently added Life 5 in the evening. Inner Defense supports healthy immune function. Life 5 has good strains of bacteria, which supports normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comfort. Since much immune response starts in the gut, I want to pay more attention to that!! These two products together reinforce systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast and fungus. I need that for sure.

The above items are my biggest daily additions in my quest to take care of myself. Obviously, I will be using lots of my essential oils, and I have lots of reading and other self-work to do.


Now only do I have feeling better as a motivation, the Young Living Convention is coming up in August. I plan to be in attendance for the first time, and I intend to look and feel at my best.

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

Mastering Self Motivation


Self motivation is sometimes incredibly difficult, but is essential in the process of achieving a long-term goal. This is something that has come up in my life, both at recent leadership meetings, and in an audiobook I am currently listening to.


When you first set a goal, you are super excited about it. The sheer enthusiasm will help you to perform the necessary work. If it is a true long-term goal, though, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of enthusiasm for months and years. Add to that the negative people and difficulties that life tends to throw at you, and it is very easy to lose sight of what you are working for, or even to give up all together.

Another issue for me, personally, was discussed by Sandi Krakowski in one of her podcasts. Perfectionism. This is not just an issue in my Young Living business, but in my home life as well. If I am going to take the time to do something, I want to do it right, I want to do it well. I want an A+, I want to be noticed and recognized for a job well done. So I don’t start my projects, I put them off until later, and later, and later. Uhm, this blog hasn’t been updated since when?!


So at a recent leadership meeting, one of my leaders talked about a method of self motivation called carrot and stick. Your carrot is that awesome thing you want bad and will work hard for. This is your positive reinforcement. Your stick is that negative thing you do not want in your life which may be possible if  you do not take action. You use this to whip your own fanny when getting out of bed and doing the work it takes to get where you want to go seems more difficult than usual. This is the negative reinforcement.

Anyone can easily come up with a carrot and stick that applies to his or her life, then call these to mind in order to stay the course and keep moving forward no matter how difficult, no matter how arduous the task, no matter how many naysayers are around to try to keep you down.

So here is what I came up with: My carrot is being financially free and able to travel with my family and help those in needs in ways that I am called by my Creator. My stick is being stuck in a “healthcare” job forever while continuing to miss all of the big events in the lives of those I love. Needless to say these are personal to me, and likely wouldn’t apply to you, or simply wouldn’t work for you. The key is to find your own carrot and stick.

Let me just say that this has helped tremendously for me! When the urge to go to bed at a decent hour hits, I remember missing Easter recently due to work. This was the first year for my son to really hunt eggs, and I had bought him a suit and would have loved seeing him in it. I stay up and I write. I go to the library to finally update this blog. I teach classes and think on ways to improve on my systems. Some day my kids and I will enjoy a nice cruise to a white sandy beach as a reward for my efforts!

So tell me, what is your carrot and stick?

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

P.S. I will have more to say on self motivation in my next blog post. See you soon!

New Year of Possibilities!


This time of year there is a great deal of discussion on goals and resolutions for the new year. What do you want to do different in 2015? What changes do you want to make? What steps are necessary to get there? What will you have to sacrifice to make that happen?


I have spent a good deal of time considering those same questions. My Young Living team has grown more this year more than it ever has in the years I have been “doing” Young Living. I truly attribute that to the Lord’s provision. The fact though, despite that yesterday I got my biggest Young Living check of the year, is that my current level of income is not enough.


God has given me dreams of my future: of having abundance, and of being able to give back in ways that I am unable to right now. I will also be able to enjoy life with my family much more as I am able to leave a position in which my hours change based on someone else’s needs and desires with complete disregard to my needs and the needs of my family.

The biggest thing though, is having a big enough house to more comfortably fit all my many children, and to be able to help people who are in need. Those things are important to me, and I want to model those that to my children. My children will grow up loving to give as they see me and my husband give generously and joyfully.


2015 will be a year of significant growth toward the realization of those goals. The thing is, I need a strong team around me to make it. I need people who have dreams, goals, and visions of big things, and of lives changed for the better. I want to help those people achieve their big goals and dreams. Young Living is absolutely a vehicle in getting me, and other leaders there.

I recently had a dynamic young leader join my team. Her excitement and ability give me confidence that my team, with her in it, will grow beyond what I had recently imagined.


The thing is… I need more of her. I need more leaders who are passionate, driven, confident, and Christ-centered.

In order to grow I have made a commitment to work on myself this year. I will work to grow as a leader and teacher. I will also work toward personal growth on the home front. In order to grow so that I can help my teammates grow I will read and listen to podcasts (and attend other trainings as I am able). I will work toward implementing what I learn and teaching what I learn. I will need accountability and will strive to provide accountability as well.


This new year is going to be an amazing year of growth, and watching God work in my life and in my business. I am excited to see His hand in the businesses of my teammates as well. I do hope you will join us! Each new team member who joins on wholesale membership with a Premium Starter Kit receives an Essential Oil Pocket reference and support from me and other team members. I look forward to seeing your growth as well as my own. Click here if you would like to join my team.

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

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Evergreen Essence Giveaway


I am so excited for an Evergreen Essence Giveaway as part of the Winter Wonderland Giveaway Hop hosted by Leah Says Views and Weidknecht!!


One of my favorite Christmas Season traditions as a kid was decorating the Christmas tree. When I was young, we always did this on the day after Thanksgiving. After recovering from our Black Friday expeditions, my mom would put on her CD of Handel’s Messiah, and we would put up and decorate the tree. She would play this CD over and over until I complained and rolled my eyes over her renditions of the Hallelujah Chorus enough, she would then finally add some of the other Christmas collections in.

I remember many years begging to have a live tree. It was always fun picking out the perfect one. I also remember one year that my sister and I were a bit over excited and picked one that was far too big to even fit in my parent’s living room. I am fairly certain my parents can fit a 9 foot tree there easily, so I am not sure how big that massive tree was; all I remember was my dad engineering a way to make it work!! Live trees were always so much fun, but I do remember complaining as the needles started to fall out and got stepped on. I remember it hurting, and anyone who knows me well, knows I hate to wear shoes, especially around the house. We didn’t have a “real” tree often, but I remember always hoping for one!


Many of the traditions I enjoyed as a kid have been lost as my husband and I have managed our own home. We have never had a live tree. We have had a few trees through the years. One that my mom gave me, two I bought. I shopped the after Christmas sales hoping for a tree that looks as pretty as my grandma’s, but as of the time of typing this post, I haven’t brought it into my home yet. My husband brings in the tree at the last possible minute, when the kids are finally on full force begging for the tree to be put up. There is no Christmas music. He doesn’t like that either.

I long for the music. I would love to start getting festive sooner. I think everyone would enjoy the smell of a live tree. Since that is unlikely to happen, I hope to get some Evergreen Essence essential oil to diffuse.


I can almost smell a winter wonderland already, can’t you?

Well, I have never had this essential oil in my home for personal use, but the exciting news for you is that it is on its way to my house so that I can give it away to one of you amazing readers! Just enter with the form below. Open to US residents only, 18 or over. Good luck!

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

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Build YOUR Dream


Build Your Dream is an essential oil blend unveiled by Young Living at the 2014 convention. When it first became available to those who didn’t attend, it was only available in a limited edition kit that also included a gorgeous 20th Anniversary solid wood oil holder. I was determined to get them, and was able to shortly before the kit became unavailable. It is now available with just the essential oil blend.


At the post-convention local leadership meeting I was able to listen to my leaders talk about this awesome blend. That was when I knew I had to have this in my home!

My leaders talked about having your own dream: big dreams, big God-given goals and dreams. Many people in business, especially network marketing tend to hang on to the dreams of others. I used to listen to podcasts that were motivation for people in all network marketing. I heard big goals, big dreams. Some were buying their parents houses, some were owning other businesses. These are great goals, exciting goals. They aren’t mine though. Having a big goal and a big vision that is true and specific to only you is a powerful thing. They said that if you didn’t have that yet, to use this oil.


At the time my goals weren’t particularly big, exciting, or necessarily unique to me. My goals were, and still are to get to a place financially where I would be able to quit working outside the home full-time. I still have the goal of becoming debt free, and building a bigger house. I dreamed of travel with my family. At the time I said that I wanted the time freedom to be able to pursue midwifery. Those are awesome goals. I am passionate about those goals. They are worthy of pursuing, but they don’t hold much vision. They are also not big enough to sustain me in the long-term.

I hadn’t actually used the essential oil when I first got it. I wanted to save it, for what I don’t know. I spent a considerable amount of time after that meeting thinking about purpose and vision. I wanted my own thing. I prayed for God to reveal a big vision, a purpose to me. I needed something much bigger than myself to work for, a way to give back in a way that I am unable to right now.


God provided (even before using the oil)! Once the idea was set in my heart it stayed there persistently. I didn’t mention it to my husband because I figured he would think I was crazy! I didn’t mention it to anyone else because I wanted my husband on board first; it affects our family a lot more than the lives of other people, even those whose opinions I most respect.

I finally revealed my heart and my vision. As suspected, he does think I am crazy! He knows well enough though that if God tells you something, it is best to obey, no matter how wild it may appear. We were able to look at floor plans for future homes as a preparation for when all the goals are met and we are able to proceed with building a bigger house and making this far bigger God-given dream a reality. We were able to pray together about Young Living, about goals, and finances. That was so very refreshing and has left me very excited about moving into the future.


I finally started using the Build Your Dream essential oil blend. I am super excited about using it while picturing all the exciting things that can happen in our future thanks to the opportunity that Young Living provides. I hope that you will give this oil a try, and start on the path to Build Your Dream.

What big goals do you have? Leave a comment and let me know!

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

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Getting Into the Game


Often when I am on the road I like to listen to something more beneficial than music, especially pop music. Usually I listen to different preachers, occasionally I listen to podcasts on leadership and business. When I hear a sermon, I am often able to relate it to my business, and to success in any business, really.

A few days ago was listening to a preacher I had never heard of before named Jack Graham (not an endorsement, I only heard part of one sermon!). He was discussing getting into the game.


He said that every sports team manager would love to have a player that played perfectly all the time, who never made a mistake, and always scored points at every attempt. He said that the trouble is “We can’t get the guy in the stands to drop is hot dog and get in the game!”

He made several worthy points that I intend to remember as I build my business. The comfort of the sidelines (or worse my couch) where many stay and often negate the efforts of those in the midst of the action. It takes courage to get into the game. Prayer is vital to the believer in the game.


The sidelines (or couch) are a comfortable, fun, and safe place to be! I mean players are injured all the time, but no worries if you aren’t playing, right?! The sidelines don’t require you to work up a sweat, to work hard, to train. You just show up and watch. Oh, and critique. “How could he miss that” and other such phrases are easy to throw around when you aren’t actually playing. This is a great place to stay if comfort is your top priority.


Chances are though that you want more. To be honest, God made you for more.

Following the will of God and running your own business are scary endeavours! What will my friends and family think? How will I survive? Will I have to sacrifice time with loved ones? Sleep? Will I really make money? The uncertainty of it all will drive many right back to the sidelines. We want a guarantee, we want to see the end.


It take courage to get in on the action, to start playing the game. It takes courage to overcome the fears. Your friends and family may not approve. Things likely will be tough. Time with loved ones will be reduces as time for training increases. Part of that training and game playing may just happen when you are accustomed to sleeping. You never know whether you will make money at it until you try.


Training, hard work and sacrifice are part of every great success story. One must be courageous and overcome fear in order to overcome, and to pursue God-given dreams and passions. There is a period of often painful growth before the money and success come. Only God knows when that will be, so continuing on the course of growth and training is necessary as long as God says it is. He knows when you are ready for the real game, which leads into the next point.


“The door of success always swings on the hinges of prayer.” Prayer is vitally important! Knowing what to do during the time of training and preparation will come when you ask God. Every step of the way, God knows the path that leads to victory and the path that leads to destruction. Asking God’s direction before proceeding would save a lot both time and embarrassment. Then God will tell you when it is time for the big game, and He will be there with you in it. If you stay humble during this time, he will continue to guide you through the game, or in my case, my Young Living business.


After typing this I will be anointing myself with three particular essential oils. Valor is my favorite for instilling feelings of strength and courage. Motivation, and the name says it all! I will also apply Frankincense, a personal favorite of mine when praying and seeking.


Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

P.S. His sermon was about Nehemiah. Go read about him!

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Overwhelmed and Envision


I recently went to the home of one of my leaders. I went to have a Zyto scan on my daughter and me, to see which oils would be most beneficial for both of us. She had been sent home from school with a rash, and well, I have had moodiness since having my baby. I went to the pediatrician the next day for my daughter. He said it was not contagious so she was cleared to go back to school.


I wanted to tell you, though, about the results of my scan. There were many essential oils listed that relate to emotions so that was spot on. I ordered a couple scanned oils for my daughter and a couple for myself. I chose not to order Envision because I wasn’t sure why it would show up, and because I had a small amount of that particular essential oil in my bedroom.


A few weeks later as I was driving I felt myself growing irritable again; it seems to be the norm for me lately. I finally took the time to think about my book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils (REP). The fist step though would be to identify the prevailing feeling I have had since my son was born.


It took a minute for the word to come to me because I am exactly that word: overwhelmed. When I arrived home, I looked in the REP, affectionately referred to as “the blue book” by some of my leaders. The essential oil for dealing with overwhelm is… You guessed it, Envision! I literally laughed out loud before grabbing the essential oil to apply while saying an affirmation.

I had always been a believer in the zyto scans. It always seemed to pick up on what I was most concerned about at the time and offer an option to deal with it.

I am still waiting on my other oils to arrive (several are new to the Sherrell house), but in the meantime, I will be using my Envision essential oil.

I personally hope to get my own scanner in the near future. It is very helpful to see a listing of what your body says it needs most, then to respond appropriately and see results.

Have you had a zyto scan? What did you think of the results? If you haven’t had one, I hope that you are able to get one.

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

Diffuser Necklace Giveaway!


Now is your chance to seek out some awesome prizes for those on your Christmas list, but you better hurry, the hop ends on December 5! Make sure to stop by The Review Wire for the Grand Prize, an Erin Condren Life Planner! Use it as a nutrition/exercise log, newborn sleep & peep record, work meetings & appointments, academic & social planner, keepsake journal or as a scrapbook…the possibilities are endless!


I have a very special giveaway for you!!

There are many gifts that women love to receive. Jewelry happens to be one such gift! If it happens to be functional jewelry all the better.


Since I joined Young Living years ago, I have always wanted to have my essential oils with me every where I go. Diffuser necklaces are a gorgeous way to wear my essential oils.


One lucky winner will win the Unashamed diffuser necklace pictured above from Fashion Scents Jewelry! Just fill out the entry form below. Good luck!

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Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma


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Into the Word


Isn’t it funny how persistent God can be when He is trying to tell you something. Especially when you keep ignoring what He says, putting it off saying that you don’t have time for that.


You see lately I have been praying a great deal over my Young Living business. Our financial state is a mess, and I know that Young Living can be a great means of financial abundance. As of right now, I am praying that the Lord will lead me to the rank of Royal Crown Diamond. I am certain that I can’t do it without His divine intercession, but Royal Crown Diamond rank will allow me to get my family out of this financial mess, to provide well, to pursue other long-term goals, and to be in a better position to help others when I see a need.

The Holy Spirit has convicted me heavily lately about my lack of time in my Bible. I have tried to read the Bible cover to cover three or four times now. I managed to make it well into the New Testament the most recent time before I became “too busy” to read the word daily.


The things I was busy with were important. There were beneficial. I was reading management and business related books. I was reading about Young Living and Essential Oils. I was listening to conference calls and podcasts. I listened to podcasts from my favorite preachers, to business leaders, to social media gurus, and to MLM (multi-livel marketing) superstars. I was excited, and I was learning. I also wasn’t making any money. I was also neglecting God and my family.


So day after day after day the Holy Spirit would turn my glance toward my Bible and tell me, “That is what you need, Sara.” Over and over I let other things fill my days, saying that I didn’t have time. Things started to become much more persistent as I heard the Spirit tell me “You won’t make it if you don’t spend time in the word.” It still took a few minutes for me to finally obey and pick up my Bible and start over in Genesis.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not only in the Bible for what I can get me, or to make money in my Young Living business. I finally listened to Him because I remember the way I felt when I was reading daily. I felt a sense of peace, a sense of joy even, in my time in the word. The time spend reading the word, and learning new things, seeing things for the first time, made my faith stronger, and made me stronger in a time that was really quite painful.


Let me tell you one thing that has really stuck with me within my first couple days on the path I should have always been on. There is the story of Joseph. He is sold into slavery by his own family, but the Lord slowly promotes him to a position of great power, and in the end, he is able to save all of his family, God’s chosen people from death in a famine.

What strikes me in his story though is his humility through everything. His constant insistence that his gifts are not from him, they are from God. When he is asked to interpret dreams, he says that he can’t: God can. So God reveals the meanings and Joseph is able to give people the answers they seek. Throughout the whole story of Joseph, you see him attributing his skills, his abilities, and even his power to God. It is not him, it is God.


I pray that as I grow in my Young Living business, that I always remember that it is my God who has blessed me, that I cannot do anything without His hand. I also pray that I will be a good steward with my blessings. With more money comes more responsibility to spend wisely. I most certainly will need His wisdom as those days come.



Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma


Memory Lane


As I was cleaning up my twitter account, I found some old posts that were fun to read and see. It was a nice trip down memory lane! It is so easy to forget different events, and the cute things the kids have said, so I enjoyed the record of things I have posted. Some of the posts weren’t of happy times, but the majority of them were.


I came upon the picture above. That was the first Young Living booth I ever did, with my amazing up-line leader Sara Wallace. She was so much fun to spend the day with. I was very nervous, but she has an ability (much like her mother) to make me relax. I very much enjoyed doing this booth at the church I was going to at the time. Many years later, I still have only done one other booth. I was alone that time, well, the baby was there. I still enjoyed myself so very much. I relaxed with the help of my essential oils, and focused on meeting new people.


I found this picture on my facebook while cleaning it up. I laughed remembering going to work shortly after posting it. My nurse was curious why I posted so excited to show off bottles of wine. No bottles of wine! It is the always needed NingXia Red. Besides, due to Oklahoma laws, we can’t have wine delivered here anyway. Thankfully, I can get my NingXia!


Then there was this picture my husband took of me after lunch that was provided when I had a poem published. I remember how many dresses I had gone through before I settled on that one. I remember how excited I was. I had loved writing poetry as a child, but I hadn’t written in years. I promised myself that I would keep writing it, but I haven’t written any since my Freshman Composition II class ended.

There were other pictures that I won’t share of a very painful time. Even then, it brought me to a picture of my husband being baptized, a wonderful event! I saw some pictures of a time that I felt was incredibly awful, which was really just the beginning of a great amount of peace. Those trials were necessary for me to grow.

IMAG0338 (1)

I will end this post with a picture I took several years ago of one of my kids’ shirt. I can always use the reminder that there is no time for me to focus of the words of those who have nothing better to do that to hate. I choose to move forward, and hope that you will join me.

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma