Just Give it Away Part 2

Some posts require a follow-up, don’t they? Like my Just Give It Away post from Monday. I begged you to find things in your life that you aren’t willing to throw away. I asked you to pinpoint the good people and things in your life that you are committed to fighting for, no matter how hard that fight may get. I especially urged you to look at your relationships to value them enough to not just throw them away. All this leads me to my big follow-up post.

Some relationships DO need to be thrown away. Yep, it’s true, I said it. You see, I have spent a significant portion of my life trying to please people. Not everyone, obviously, but far too many. The sad fact is that many of those people who I have fought so hard to please will never be pleased with me. Heck, most of them aren’t even pleased with themselves.

Some people are just plain toxic. Some are just plain nosey. Some are just miserable, and you know what they say about misery. I have written before about the direction of your life being influenced by the company you keep. Some times you have to trim out the bad to make room for the better people God has waiting to earn more significance in your life.

Sadly, my life has become a predominately facebook life. There is little in person interaction. I intend to work to change that. In the meantime, some people have had to go.

I have never been a fan of blocking people on facebook. I have always just prayed that obnoxious people would come around. Sadly, that rarely happens. The fact is some people don’t deserve the voice they have in your life.

People who continually look into every word you say or post, trying to take offense or pick a fight. People who have no respect for you or your family. People who only want to be supportive of you when it makes them look good. People who search your words for things to gossip about.

Even if those people are family, they have got to go! Shame on them all the more if they are family. God has made you for greatness, He has big plans for all of us. Those plans are often hindered by allowing negative and toxic people to take up too much space in your life. There is that meme about being blocked and “the trash took itself out.” Well, I say it is more like disallowing the trash to continue taking up space in your living room. Don’t allow it. Send it to the curb, find the people worthy of your time, and go be the best you that you can be. I believe in you!

Sara Sherrell

Just Give It Away

There was a song I loved years ago by George Straight called “Just Give it Away.” It wasn’t necessarily a sentiment I shared at the time, I was (am) happily married with many children in the home. I suppose I just liked the tune, plus, it’s George Straight!

throw away, rockin oily momma, rockinoilymomma

The song related a woman coming home to tell her husband to just give everything in the home away, there is nothing worth fighting over and they are both over the fighting. So, just give it (ring included) away.┬áIt was just a silly song to me at the time, but today I sit here reflecting on the average American lifestyle, and can’t help but feel disappointed. Some things just aren’t meant to be thrown away.

We live in a “throw away” society. That’s what my kids used to say instead of the word disposable, throw away. What is sad though is just how accurate that word tends to be. Is there truly anything we can’t just throw away or dispose ourselves of these days?

throw away, cloth diapers, dispoable

We have disposable cups, plates, napkins, and silverware. Just throw it away I have heard myself tell my kids. I ask my older kids to bring me a diaper, they ask whether I want the throw away kind because they are easier than cloth. We have disposable or throw away everything these days. This goes all the way up to jobs, friendships, and even marriages.

Didn’t get the promotion (that you weren’t the most qualified candidate for)? Just throw it away; there are other jobs out there. Your friend isn’t there for you when you need her? Well, throw that friendship away too; there are other people out there. Marriage is getting hard? Well, you can throw that away too. Everyone else does, so why not you?

What if you stuck it out though? What if you worked harder on the necessary job and people skills necessary to land that promotion? What would happen if you committed to personal growth? What if you looked at the friendship and what you could do to BE a better friend? What would happen if you committed to being there for your friends? What if you fought harder for your marriage? What would happen if you committed to being a better spouse, to working toward making your marriage and home happier?

I beg of you, find something, anything that you are willing to commit to. Commit fully, and fight for the things, and most especially the people, that are important to you. No doubt, the enemy will be around to test you and break your commitment and willingness to fight. Do It Anyway!Prayer and wise counsel are important, so seek them out. Persist, and hold on to the good that you have in your live. Don’t “Just Give It Away.”

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma