Discipline. This topic has been on my mind and on my heart for a bit now. I had planned on typing up this blog post a week ago. Then kids, dishes, laundry, Halloween, and well, let’s just be honest here… I lack discipline.

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I always have. Always. In elementary school I rarely did my homework. I had all the excuses and no discipline. I understood the work and the assignments, my test scores proved that. My grades were pitiful. Middle school was just as bad until my dad talked my English teacher into having me bring home a detention slip to be signed by my parents for every assignment I didn’t turn in on time. High school was more of the same until I took a look at my mom’s job and the glass ceiling she faced for not having a college degree. I decided that I needed to get better grades and a bit of discipline my junior and senior year. Even then, I did the bare minimum to keep my grades at A’s and B’s. Truth be told, I also was highly motivated by the thought of being exempted from my semester tests.

All that carries into adulthood and really caught up with me this week. I had so much that I wanted to do and needed to do around the house. I want my husband to feel that my being a stay at home mom is worthwhile. The condition of our house last week had me saying that it wasn’t. I had a host of excuses, again, no discipline. I want to be a stay at home mom, and I want to do fun things with my babies. So we lollygagged around the house each morning (because I am not a morning person AT ALL) before heading out for fun at the park, pumpkin patch, or Halloween activities at various locations.


Then Saturday night as I was getting my kids into bed I was hit hard with what I was teaching my kids. I am teaching them through my actions and lack of discipline that doing the important and responsible things can wait if there is a fun thing to do. Is that really what I want to teach my kids? Goodness gracious no!

So now I am on a mission to develop some discipline in my life. In so many areas of my life. In caring for my home and those in it, in my health (must start exercising), and especially in my business.


I have watched so many people pass me by in these areas and had my own private pity party asking myself “Why not me?” Discipline. That is the hard to face truthful answer. I must develop discipline in order to have the things I want most in life. I absolutely need to teach my kids the importance of discipline. They need to see mom living as an example that fun is great to have, but sometimes there are more important things that need to come first.


So I am on a mission. I am developing a plan and diffusing and applying lots of oils of course! I will develop discipline, and my life and the lives of my babies will be so much better for it.

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

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