Invest In Yourself

Everyone loves a rags to riches story. It is fun to cheer on the underdog, and to see that person win in the end. We all want to see the loser win, the poor become successful, and the guy get the girl.

What if you could write your own such story? That, to me, is part of the beauty of Young Living! You can write your own story, you can change your life; you can change your destiny. You can create your own transformation!

I am not simply talking about money here. While you can certainly make money with Young Living, your personal growth will be astounding.

In order to be successful in Young Living, and in life in general, one must be committed to personal growth. This takes a considerable amount of time and effort that frankly, most are not willing to commit to. There is a considerable investment in time for reading, and going to classes and conferences. It takes effort to learn about marketing, about building a business.

This investment in time and money can be overwhelming at times, but pays big dividends in the end. The person you are 5 years after you started is a far different person than the person who started. The person you greet in the mirror after five years of personal development and relationship development is far more confident, wiser, business and tech savvy than she was previously. It is an amazing journey that I am excited to be a part of.

There are so many great books to read. The ones I am reading now include the Essential Oil Desk Reference, and The Four Year Career. Both are important books to read when growing your Young Living business.

There are a wealth of webinars that have been recorded from many Young Living leaders, all designed to be teaching tools to help you and me grow our organizations. Yearly Young Living has a large convention, open to all members; Young Living invests in you, they have amazingly inspirational speakers and product information. The resources for growth are endless!

Yes, there is a significant investment, but the end result is well worth the effort. It is all about deciding that YOU are worth it. Won’t you join me? Let’s grow together! We can write our own success stories together!

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

Life in Four Years

For the last three years I have worked 16 hour shifts on the weekends at my full-time job. Saturday morning I arrive at 6am and stay until 10pm. I go home for a short nap, and then I am back again Sunday morning at 6am, then leave again at 10pm. This only adds up to 32 hours, so I work one eight hour shift on Tuesdays also.


This shift has its advantages in that I have far more time at home with my babies than the average working mom has. It also means we don’t have to pay a sitter to care for our kids.

The downside is that it means I am gone every weekend. I don’t know if you have noticed, but most fun events are scheduled on a weekend. Birthdays parties, graduation parties, weddings, church, Robert’s racing and most get togethers in general. Working the shift I do means that I miss out on a lot of the fun things in life that are happening.


Tuesday evening my daughter had her kindergarten musical. I was unable to attend because of work, and I only have so much vacation time. I have missed countless musicals, holidays. I haven’t seen my children on a Mother’s Day in 3 years! What I have gotten instead is four denied requests for time off. I was unable to go with my daughter to her out of town volleyball tournament.

I dream of a day when I make my hours, when I no longer have anyone telling me when I can and can’t take vacation time, when I am allowed to have a break.


There is a book called The Four Year Plan by Richard Bliss Brooke. It is all about network marketing. It is about investing a small amount of money into this industry, and working hard for four years, then having the ability at the end of those four years to be able to retire with a residual income, a substantial one at that.

Abundance check2

The thing is this: four years will pass anyway. At the end of those four years, do I still want to keep working hard at a J-O-B (just over broke) where I am told when I am allowed to take time with my family? Or do I prefer to be financially independent, and able to retire and enjoy my family?

I feel it is well worth my time and effort to work on the latter. I want to be financially well off and debt free. I want freedom in my time, to be able to take vacations, to be present for all the big moments in my kids and someday grandkids’ lives.

If you, too, would like to see a better outcome at the end of your next four years than the path you are currently on allows, please contact me. Better yet, click the Get Started button below, and I will be in touch!

It is time to pursue the life of your dreams!

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma



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Your Perfect Day

Suppose you woke up tomorrow with no obligations, nothing on your to-do list that must be done.


Just a day that you are able to do anything you want. What does that day look like? What is your idea of a perfect day?

Would you sleep in then go hang out at the beach all day? Would you spend the day fishing? Maybe you would spend your day passing out stuffed animals to kids at the children’s hospital. Perhaps a day at the science museum with your kids is what you are looking for. Need a romantic day away with your love? Spending a day learning more about a passion of yours from someone you admire?


What is included in your perfect day? I want to hear about your vision for a perfect day. Click the link to the right to go to my facebook page and tell me about it. I promise to read each post. I would love to hear your vision of a perfect day.

Next I want you to imagine what life would be like if you were able to have many more perfect days, not just the one.

This is truly possible with the Young Living opportunity! There are many people in their 20’s and 30’s who are retiring from their day jobs thanks to the income they are earning from Young Living. Obviously, it is not just young people retiring, there are people of all age groups that are able to retire because they caught a vision of all that was possible, and were willing to work hard for it.

Abundance costume

So… I want you to start imagining what your days will be like when you are living a life of no regrets. What will you be doing each day in your (early) retired life? Be sure to hop onto the facebook page and tell me all about it! I can’t wait to hear!

Sara Sherrell
Rockin’ Oily Momma

P.S. If you are ready to start your adventure that leads to many perfect days, get in touch with me! I would love to help you get started!



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Start With Why

Why on earth would I want to do I want to start a Young Living business?

For as long as I can remember, well, since shortly after I graduated high school, I have wanted to be a stay at home mom. That was my number one goal: to be around to be the person raising my babies.


Eventually though, I met the love of my life who happened to have 4 kids! I began to realize that being a stay at home mom was not a reality in our situation. My family needs my paycheck.

When I first heard about Young Living, I wanted the oils. I was adamant that a business was not for me! Then I started talking to people: real people, people I knew, who were making very good money from sharing the essential oils they loved. As I started looking at the average amounts that people were making at different ranks within the company, I knew that paychecks of that size were not likely to come from an average job, or at least not without a significant amount of schooling which would equal more time away from my family.


So here is a business opportunity in which I am able to meet new people, to help people, and to make a significant amount more money than I have ever made in my life.

This requires a significant amount of time and effort, but eventually I will be rewarded! I will be able to leave a “regular full-time job.’ I will be my own boss, with hours that I decide upon; which leads to the most important thing: I will be home with my babies! I will be home to raise my children, and if I am not there, Robert will be there.


Being able to work from home, and make a significant income is such a blessing! Raising my babies the way that I want them raised is possible for my family thanks to Young Living!

If this sounds like something you would like for your family, please get in contact with me. I would love to help you get there!

Start with why: why do you want to be your own boss?


Sara Sherrell

Rockin’ Oily Momma

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