Advice from Broke Unhappy People

I wanted to talk today about another nugget of wisdom from my awesome mentor, Carrie. I had forgotten these words for awhile, but I recently remembered. I was at her house long ago lamenting on some things that I wanted that I was being discouraged in from many people in my life. She listened to me tell her my dreams, then why they would never happen according to all the voices speaking into my life at the time. When I was finished she that I needed to stop taking advice from broke unhappy people.


After I left her house, I started to notice that the people telling me to give up hope on their dreams are unhappy people who, if I were to guess, gave up on their dreams. I see the reasons that many give up. They aren’t bad reasons. They aren’t bad people. Sometimes dreams need to be put on hold. Sometimes, however, it just simply means being more creative in the means of obtaining a goal.

Here is the thing about unhappy people: they don’t want to be alone in their unhappiness. They tell you that settling is simply what you have to do as an adult. Is that really true though? There are many people who pursue their dreams and their passions while still working jobs that don’t necessarily line up with their purpose. There are many of those same people who do end up successful financially while fulfilling thier God-given purpose and passion. I shouldn’t have to give up on that just because someone else did. I don’t have to join you in being miserable.


There is so much I want to say there, but I will leave those thoughts for a bit.

Years later, as that quote came to mind again, I found myself asking myself why I would take advice from anyone who is a failure at what I want to succeed at. You see, there is no shortage of people who will tell you what they think you should do. Funny how often that advice is unsolicited. I started to realize though that not only was the advice often against what I felt would be the biblical response, it was often coming from someone who was struggling in the same area, or sometimes even completely failing in that area.

I will not seek health advice from someone who is sick on a regular basis. I won’t take marriage advice from someone whose longest relationship was two years. I don’t need financial advice from someone with several repossessions on their credit. I don’t ask someone who hates children for parenting advice.


If I want to be success at anything in life, it will be because I sought the counsel of someone who is already doing well in those areas. So for now, I seek out godly wives and mothers. Those are the areas of my life that are most important to me at the moment. I want to be excellent in these areas, so wise words from people excelling in these areas are like honey to me. Their words give me hope.

~ Sara Sherrell

Rockin’ Oily Momma